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Couple Slack with Jira, for greater agility.

Today’s employees find themselves juggling a number of different tools – answering emails, managing projects, running meetings, communicating – all of which are essential. However,

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The SAFe Roadmap

SAFe is a method that involves transforming an organisation. You don’t just throw yourself into SAFe and see what happens… Support is mandatory, and the

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Agile method, start with Kanban!

The Kanban method is known for its famous board, which is becoming increasingly common in general-purpose collaborative tools. This board is a visual and practical

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What is Scrum?

Everyone talks about Scrum as if understanding it were a given… So this article aims to remind us exactly what the Scrum method is. Scrum

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The SAFe method in a nutshell

The SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) methodology promises to transform the way an organisation develops its products, from the development teams right through to top management.

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Spectrum Groupe takes a strategic turn

Historically, and in keeping with its name, Spectrum Groupe liked to touch everything. The activities were indeed very diversified, firstly by different technologies (Atlassian, Jalios,