Spectrum Benchmark : Agile project management and Agility at scale, 2024 edition


Our annual study dedicated to agility and its software market will be in its 4th edition in September 2023!

Agile methods: detailed presentation of SAFe.

The study is further enriched with definitions of agility and, in particular, its methods. Kanban and Scrum are presented in an educational way, and SAFe, the flagship framework for agility at scale, is explained. The different levels of implementation are presented, as well as the different layers that make it up: Agile Release Train, Solution Train, Portfolio.

The roadmap for implementing SAFe is also explained. As a major transformation for an organisation, the implementation of SAFe is a complex process that requires support (Scaled Agile coaches, solution experts, in-house training team, etc.). Market players such as Atlassian with Jira Align do not sell their product without specialised support.

For organisations that are thinking about it, or are ready to take the plunge, this document will give them a clearer picture.

An update on the market

The study provides an overview of the market, from task management to agility at scale.

12 market solutions for Agile development or agility at scale are analysed and presented using clear indicators to identify the differences and specialities of each.

The study is now available for download

Article author :
Thomas Poinsot

Thomas Poinsot