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Agility @Scale, for whom? and how?

Agility at scale is the application of agile working methods at enterprise level. Thus, implementing agility at scale is a company-wide project, not just an

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Agile@scale with Jira Software

To manage large projects and agility at scale, Jira suffers from its limitations even in its premium version despite the “Advanced Roadmaps” features. At Atlassian,

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Spectrum Groupe takes a strategic turn

Historically, and in keeping with its name, Spectrum Groupe liked to touch everything. The activities were indeed very diversified, firstly by different technologies (Atlassian, Jalios,

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What is ITIL? What is it for?

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, and as the name doesn’t suggests, it is a set of recommendations for delivering value to its customer,

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Spectrum Benchmark : DevOps / DevSecOps

Spectrum Groupe is proud to present its new study dedicated to the DevOps universe. This new book offers a deep dive into the discovery of

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Don’t say DevOps anymore, but DevSecOps

DevOps is a proven method for accelerating the Time to Market and the quality of delivery in the application development world. However, the security aspect

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Atlassian launches its collaborative suite

Atlassian, a leading player in project management and collaborative content management (among other things), unveils a suite of single-license applications to support teamwork. In response

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EBOOK : A Guide to Confluence and its marketplace

Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce the release of a brand-new study, a guide dedicated to the proper use and customisation of Confluence using marketplace apps and may help

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