Historically, and in keeping with its name, Spectrum Groupe liked to touch everything. The activities were indeed very diversified, firstly by different technologies (Atlassian, Jalios, Mozzaik, Microsoft, GitLab… ), very broad digital uses (Project Management, Content Management, Intranet, Help Desk… ), and finally various professions allowing us to accompany our customers’ projects from A to Z: project management, design, integration, developments, support, training, change management, etc.

Today, Spectrum Groupe continues to support its clients from start to finish, now through the offerings of Atlassian and GitLab, two complementary and ambitious software vendors offering exceptional products that bring great value to their users.

With this strengthened partnership, Spectrum Groupe is developing its activities and expertise around 4 main areas:

Indeed, these are developing areas that are part of the current and upcoming challenges for organisations: making work and team coordination more fluid, implementing more efficient development and design approaches (Agility, DevOps), aligning front workers with the strategy in agility, improving customer and employee service. Also, the digital world is facing profound changes in culture: the Cloud is rapidly taking over from on-premises hosting logics, and agility in the broadest sense is more than ever the new norm for working together.

These changes cannot be improvised, and the tool is not everything. Tailor-made support is required. Spectrum’s teams and expertise are in a position to respond to this, based on the Atlassian and GitLab offers.

Article author :
Dora Annabi

Dora Annabi