Spectrum Groupe gains its Atlassian Cloud Specialized badge!


Spectrum Groupe, a digital services company, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the Cloud Specialisation badge by Atlassian on 6 April 2023.

This particular distinction testifies to the work and structure put in place by Spectrum Groupe to meet the requirements of its partner for obtaining this specialisation.

Spectrum Groupe’s achievements in Cloud migration projects were recognised by Atlassian, contributing to the award of the Cloud specialisation badge. This achievement reinforces Spectrum Groupe’s position as a Platinum partner for companies looking to migrate their data centres to Cloud environments.

Ali OUNI, CEO of Spectrum Groupe, explains this achievement in more detail:

The result of several months of unwavering commitment from all our teams, Cloud Specialisation is a testament to the level of mastery of Atlassian’s cloud offering, technical expertise and end-to-end control of our customers’ cloud projects. Spectrum Groupe has been able to bring together the necessary skills and more than meet the prerequisites for the Cloud Specialised label.

  • + 60 technical certifications by the publisher, including 1/3 on Atlassian cloud environments
  • + 200 Atlassian accreditations in all technical, operational, sales and marketing fields
  • Several cloud migration projects involving instances ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 users
  • Our customers testify to the quality of our Cloud services throughout our territories in France, UK, Africa and the Middle East.

Spectrum Groupe is now turning a corner. The relationship with our key and increasingly strong partner Atlassian (link to article Spectrum Groupe takes a strategic turn). Mastering the cloud offering is a strategic asset, and other specialisations are in the pipeline…

In order to successfully migrate to the Cloud, it is important to take into account the various issues that may impact on the adoption of the Cloud. These issues may relate to security, compliance, costs, etc. Amongst these issues, it is crucial to ensure that the team responsible for the migration has the necessary skills and experience to successfully complete the project and avoid delays, technical errors or additional costs. It is also important to carry out a complete audit of the existing environment before the migration, involving all the stakeholders concerned, as an incomplete audit of applications and data can lead to security or performance problems after the migration.

Spectrum Groupe is in a position to take into account and meet the various challenges associated with this operation. The fact that Atlassian has been awarded the Spécialisation Cloud label is testament to its skills and know-how. Spectrum Groupe offers its customers personalised support in migrating their data and uses to Cloud environments, so that they can benefit from the advantages associated with this transition: reduced infrastructure costs (maintenance, hardware, etc.), often enhanced security, access to applications that are always up to date, access to the publisher’s latest technologies and innovations, performance tailored to use, etc.

Thanks to its expertise and consultancy capabilities, Spectrum Groupe is able to support its customers throughout the entire process of migrating to or subscribing to a Cloud platform: audit and diagnosis of current usage, configuration recommendations, help in choosing apps from the marketplace, customisation, integration with third-party applications, change management, training and support.

Spectrum Groupe provides ongoing support throughout the migration and initial subscription process, adapting to the specific needs of each organisation to ensure a smooth transformation and maximum availability of services for end users.

Article author :
Dora Annabi

Dora Annabi