New Spectrum Benchmark : Digital Workplace market analysis, 2022 edition


The 6th edition of our annual study on the collaborative software market is available for reading. This contains the analysis and presentation of 50 solutions, organized into families for a better understanding of the offer: Collaborative suites, Intranets, corporate social networks, content or document management tools , project management tools, team messaging, and meeting software. Spectrum then offers, as every year, a visualization of this market segmentation:

A first observation: there are more and more collaborative suites on the market, the offer competing with Microsoft is becoming very rich and even surpasses the American in terms of possible uses. Jalios, Talkspirit and Jamespot are entering this family of products because of a complete alternative to what Microsoft offers.

However, Microsoft maintains a very comfortable position on the market, even largely dominates it. In the family of collaborative intranets, for example, many of these solutions use the Microsoft suite as a base, because what is the point of redeveloping what is already present in organisations anyway? …

This segmentation is a starting point for understanding the market, and it is important to complete it with the individual solution sheets which provide an indication of the possible uses of the solution. Each sheet delivers its set of indicators to have a clear vision of the identity of the product and what context it is aimed at. To go further, the online application allows you to discover the detailed functional coverage.

In addition to a 150-page analysis of solutions and the market, the study also focuses on an analysis of market news and trends, with the very enriching participation of representatives of 5 solutions on the market (Jalios, Jamespot, Talkspirit, Whaller, Wimi). The following topics are covered:

  • The problem of Microsoft’s dominance on the market
  • The growth of the Cloud offer and data sovereignty
  • Adapting the offer to the explosion in the use of remote work
  • The evolution of Intranet
  • The observation of a functional base common to the entire offer

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Article author :
Thomas Poinsot

Thomas Poinsot