Spectrum Benchmark : Enterprise management and business apps market overview


Spectrum Groupe inaugurates a new family of studies on solutions capable of supporting business needs, in addition to more transversal business management tools.

This new study contains an analysis of solutions with a very broad application scope capable of supporting numerous software domains that are transversal to organizations, namely: ERP, opportunity and customer relationship management, HR management, collaborative tools, and customized business solutions. On the market, few software publishers are trying to cover as many uses as possible. We have selected 8 of them, which seem to us to be representative and to have a differentiating positioning. They are the following publishers:

  • Bitrix24, the smallest of the selection, offers an all-in-one tool positioned on many uses, from CRM to collaborative work.
  • Microsoft, on the other hand, is the software giant with its Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 suites enhanced with the Power Platform. The capabilities are very important.
  • Odoo is a very versatile open source player, with many native applications and capable of supporting any specific business application.
  • Oracle, a pioneer in software and associated infrastructure, has a very broad offering for enterprise management and custom business applications.
  • Salesforce, the leader in CRM and customer relationship management, also offers customized solutions.
  • SAP, one of the leaders in ERP, is able to adapt to any business sector and to tool specific needs.
  • ServiceNow offers solutions for all business processes, from IT to HR.
  • Zoho, vendor with a very large selection of software for the company. Turnkey solutions that are easy to access, with the possibility of easily customizing them.

First, the study will introduce the market of these 8 vendors in order to position them in relation to each other in terms of global functional scope and maturity. Then, we believe that the ability of a product to adapt to its context is an important differentiating factor. Particular attention is therefore paid to the ability of the offer to meet specific business needs. Lastly, we propose publisher’s files to clearly identify the positioning of uses and the particularities to be taken into account to make a choice.

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Article author :
Thomas Poinsot

Thomas Poinsot