Spectrum Benchmark Work Management, 2024 edition is out


Spectrum Benchmark Digital Workplace becomes Spectrum Benchmark Work Management. The study focuses on purely collaborative tools: content management, project management, team coordination, conversation, etc. The 2024 edition is now available and includes an analysis of more than 50 solutions.

The 4 dimensions of collaboration

Today, collaborative working covers a wide range of uses, which we can divide into 4 main areas, each with a different purpose. Here they are :  


Conversation is the basis of all collaboration, the starting point of all joint work. Microblogging, instant messaging, commenting on content, commenting within content – conversation takes many forms in the tools we use. Many tools specialize in this area, serving concrete collaborative applications that are then connected.


Collaboration in project mode is very common, and is becoming better and better equipped. The project dimension involves task management, planning and progress monitoring, within the framework of a project management method, or not… The project dimension is the coordination of teams working towards a specific goal. It’s collaboration within a defined framework.


Collaborative processes are specific to each organization, and tools often offer the flexibility needed to support day-to-day business: data management, specific content, or even customized applications and procedures.


Every organization has its own content base: knowledge, working documents, reference content, archives, etc. A base that is often substantial in terms of volume and scope. A base that is often substantial in volume. Collaborative tools can be used to manage this content, work together on it and add value to it.

The market can be organized around these 4 axes. We can then identify the specialist solutions at the ends of the graph, and the more generalist solutions in terms of their relationship to the 4 dimensions, closer to the center. This graph enables us to begin to understand the identity of each product.

 Market segmentation

To help understand this complex market, Spectrum Groupe has divided its products into 8 families. Far from being watertight in terms of uses and functionalities, these families provide a starting point for understanding the positioning of each solution. Labeling a solution doesn’t quite mean identifying the uses it offers… 

The infographic below shows when a solution is a specialist in the uses of the family to which it belongs, or when, on the contrary, it has a generalist dimension, flirting with the uses of other families.

More than 50 solutions analysed.

More than 50 solutions are analysed and presented, classified by family.

Spectrum Benchmark Work Management 2024 is available for download here.

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Thomas Poinsot

Thomas Poinsot