Spectrum Benchmark : DevOps / DevSecOps


Spectrum Groupe is proud to present its new study dedicated to the DevOps universe. This new book offers a deep dive into the discovery of DevOps concepts, with an analysis of the main editors of a market very rich in solutions to equip the whole chain.

The first part defines DevOps, its concepts and practices. Then, the work culture induced by DevOps is specified, and a focus on the contributions of such an approach is made. Finally, the study proposes an analysis of 4 players capable of providing tools for the chain, at least in part, before addressing the trends and innovations associated with DevOps.

The vendors analysed here are the following: Atlassian, Microsoft (Azure DevOps), GitHub, and GitLab. Aware that GitHub is now under the Microsoft umbrella, the product keeps its own identity, its independence, its vision, its community. So we thought it would be interesting to position GitHub and GitLab, often confused. We will see that they are two very different products despite an obvious common functional area.

DevOps is a way of implementing software product development that is now over 10 years old. The approach has had time to be refined, perfected, and to have its variants. More than a variant, we believe that DevSecOps is its evolution. As security is becoming a growing issue in software development, it must be taken into account at the heart of the approach. This study proposes its definition.

The new DevOps study is available for free download here.

Article author :
Thomas Poinsot

Thomas Poinsot