Spectrum Benchmark – Collaborative Software market analysis – 2021 edition now available!


The entire Spectrum Group team is excited to announce the publication of the 2021 edition of the Spectrum Benchmark dedicated to the collaborative solutions market.

Spectrum Benchmark celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2021! Since 2011, its objective has been to provide a pragmatic and easy-to-understand assessment of the collaborative market and to offer a multi-criteria decision support tool: uses, functionalities and technical characteristics of Corporate Social Network.

The very first version of Spectrum Benchmark included a dozen Enterprise Social Network solutions. In subsequent versions, Spectrum Benchmark has been extended to other types of solutions: CMS (Content Management System) and ECM (Enterprise Content Management) while focusing on the specificities of such solutions in terms of concepts, use cases and functionalities. Enriched and updated annually, Spectrum Benchmark now makes it possible to identify trends in the information management market – not in its entirety – but on the axes of use related to collaborative work, corporate social networks, the digital workplace and enterprise content management.

With detailed analysis of solutions based on more than 150 criteria (usage, technical, functional), Spectrum Benchmark is enriched as it evolves and adapts to the ever-changing market.

In the spring of 2021, Spectrum Benchmark offers you a panorama of the collaborative solutions market in the broadest sense: enterprise social networks, project management tools, chatops, intranet engines, etc.

Spectrum Benchmark 2021 market segmentation

Spectrum Groupe has divided its products into 8 families to help understand this complex market. Far from being watertight, these families give each solution a starting point for understanding its positioning. Giving a label to a solution does not mean identifying the uses it offers… That would be too easy and such a document would have little added value. For example, Jalios, historically an intranet tool, can be an enterprise social network, a general-purpose collaborative tool, a project management tool, and even a collaborative suite like Microsoft 365. It remains a collaborative and social intranet solution that integrates the majority of collaborative uses on the market. Talkspirit and Jamespot are historically corporate enterprise network, but their functional and staging evolution puts them in a different category. Wimi is a great project management specialist, but it can do much more and flirts with the family of generalist solutions. It’s all a question of staging, specialisation, history. The graph below also shows when a solution is well attached to its family or when it has similarities with other solutions thanks to the additional uses it offers. A trend of uses remains identifiable by family and a visual is proposed for each in the next pages.

The full 180 pages document is now available for free download.

Article author :
Thomas Poinsot

Thomas Poinsot