Spectrum Benchmark Testing 2020 is out! An inventory of apps to equip your tests in Jira [update]


Spectrum Groupe is very pleased to launch its studies related to the Atlassian marketplace!

Spectrum Groupe has several hats, including those of partner Platinium Atlassian, and that of consulting firm AMOA which manages the studies and benchmarks activity. As part of its Atlassian projects (Confluence, Jira), Spectrum Groupe is called upon to advise good practices and good solutions to meet the needs of its customers. However, these solutions are more and more numerous in the marketplace of a publisher that is still as popular. It is therefore advisable to make the right choice of apps for its specific uses.

AinSpectrum Groupe is therefore launching a series of Benchmarks and studies related to this very rich ecosystem.

At the end of 2019, Spectrum Groupe offers you the study of the main software test applications to link to Jira:

  • QMetry
  • Testflo
  • TM4J
  • XRay
  • Zephyr

This study as been updated in august 2020 for its translation in English.

The functional proposals differ, the prices too. It is tempting to rely only on the price factor, only to realize that a key function will be missing, and thus lose time, data, and productivity before investing in the right solution. Spectrum Groupe has tested these 5 apps for you to highlight their differences.

Good reading, and see you soon for new studies! The start of the year promises to be rich in news …

To download the Spectrum Benchmark dedicated to testing tools on Jira, it’s here.

Article author :
Dora Annabi

Dora Annabi