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Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce the release of a brand-new study, a guide dedicated to the proper use and customisation of Confluence using marketplace apps and may help you reveal the secret recipe behind Confluence’s trend-bucking success. This new study is the fruit of Spectrum Groupe’s hard work and expertise in several aspects:

  • its Confluence expertise developed through a long-standing partnership with Atlassian.
  • its Spectrum Benchmark activity dedicated to white papers and in-depth studies to shed light on emerging software markets.
  • its core business of consulting and Business Analysis for the support of its customers in their technological options.

Spectrum Groupe believes that it is sometimes quite challenging to distinguish between apps that seem to be very similar in an increasingly diverse marketplace. The marketplace is one of the great assets of the Atlassian editor, because of the large choice it offers to develop its Confluence uses. But this asset can become a brain-teaser for those who seek a solution that meets their needs and find themselves up against a wide choice of solutions. Is it advisable to choose the best rated solution? The most downloaded solution? Or the most expensive solution just to guarantee you’ve got what you are looking for? At Spectrum Groupe, we believe that you must first identify your needs and try to meet them with a good knowledge of the market, while respecting its constraints such as budget or licensing mode.

Through this guide, Spectrum Groupe offers its expertise to project managers, administrators and Confluence space managers. Our goal is to help you discover the benefits and uses of marketplace apps, to better define your needs according to your budget, and to help you make the right choice.

The 2021 edition of this guide focuses on 6 major aspects of the platform’s evolution:

  • Interface and content customisation
  • Content enhancement
  • Content Management optimisation
  • Space socialisation
  • Business process tooling
  • Connecting third-party apps

Overall, the study includes the analysis of more than 50 apps of the Atlassian marketplace. A functional comparison of solutions from the same family is provided, as well as an analysis of the price and complexity of use of each solution. The document also illustrates the concepts offered by the marketplace editors. For each large family of uses, the study highlights what Confluence offers natively, and then recommends a selection of applications to evolve the functionalities. For the first edition of this Confluence Guide, a scope had to be defined and it may evolve significantly in upcoming editions.

An introduction to Confluence itself is presented, in order to unravel the different licensing modes, understand its native market positioning, and the potential contribution of the marketplace according to the chosen license.

This +100 pages book is priced 29€.

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Article author :
Thomas Poinsot

Thomas Poinsot