Atlassian, a leading player in project management and collaborative content management (among other things), unveils a suite of single-license applications to support teamwork. In response to fast-growing players such as ClickUp and Monday, who know how to offer all-in-one products, Atlassian adds a new commercial offer to its products.

Atlassian “Together” is a suite of software to support the various uses of teamwork:

  • Confluence: content production and knowledge management
  • Jira Work Management : Project management.
  • Trello: Organisation of team work, project tasks.
  • Atlas: Communication and activity feed of the above-mentioned tools.

In order of novelty, Atlas is a social network-type tool that combines communication functions with the progress indicators of the various Jira and/or Trello spaces. While Confluence already knew how to integrate data from Jira or Trello, Atlas allows the conversation to be better positioned in an up-to-date context. The great power of Confluence and its Marketplace can still be used as a monitoring tool based on project data. The future will tell whether this rather new proposal from Atlassian will find its audience and succeed in becoming sustainable.

Atlassian Atlas

Secondly, Jira Work Management is a package from Jira Software, simplified and limited to ensure usage and adoption. Jira Software retains the advanced planning features, Scrum support, and configuration flexibility. Jira WM, on the other hand, is more flexible in its uses, so that each team can adopt the way of working that suits them: rather a simple list of tasks, Gantt-type planning, or Kanban-type boards, etc.

Jira Work Management

Trello is also offered as a complement or alternative to Jira Work Management. Trello is useful on a personal level, and its very flexible tables are not necessarily for project management use, but to be considered as online think-tanks. It is up to each individual to invent the use and symbiosis between Trello and Jira Work Management.


Finally, Confluence is the essential tool for managing content and documentation. Unrivalled on the market, Confluence offers with its marketplace considerable perspectives of use around collaborative work on dynamic content of all kinds, as close to the business as possible.


Thus, Together capitalizes on Atlassian’s flagship tools to offer a suite of advanced teamwork tools. To go further, Jira Software is to be subscribed separately.

Atlassian Together is quite unique on the market, as it is a pack of tools that are very specialized in their fields. The publishers offering suites are generally lighter on each use (Microsoft, Google) to offer something more accessible. The real competition comes more from Monday, ClickUp, or Wimi (a French player less identified by the publisher). These are integrated platforms with a complete range of uses: projects, content, documents, conversation, etc. However, they retain a strong specialisation in project management, whereas Atlassian offers strong, even unique, expertise in knowledge management (Confluence), with a symbiosis with Jira that is further improved by Atlas.

Article author :
Thomas Poinsot

Thomas Poinsot